How Our Housing Co-operative Works

Residents of Conscoop are members of the Conservation Co-operative Homes Inc. (CCHI), the corporation which owns the property. The co-operative makes available a dwelling unit (apartment) which is in effect rented to the member.

CCHI is a non-profit corporation. Members do not own equity in their housing. If a member moves, their unit is returned to the co-operative, and made available to another individual or family.

CCHI members are actively involved in running their own housing community. All members have an equal say in how their co-operative is run and are expected to participate in the many activities involved in running the co-op.

CCHI provides housing for people regardless of their income levels. Our housing is much more affordable than average private sector rental units in Ottawa.

Each household pays a monthly housing charge (rent) to cover the costs of operating the co-operative. Some households pay the full monthly charge while others, if eligible, pay an assisted housing charge that is based on income. Members enjoy the same kind of unit and all the benefits of membership regardless of whether they pay a market or assisted housing charge.

Our home is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building or on the grounds of Conservation Co-op. Smokers do have designated areas on the grounds of the building where they can light up.

If you care about the environment and conservation and would like to live in a friendly community of like minded people talk to us.

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